Robert F. Kennedy Jr. nails it: There are far worse things than Death

Today Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posted this message at Instagram next to an image with the title ‘Democracy itself hangs in the balance’.

THERE ARE FAR WORSE THINGS THAN DEATH. Our revolutionary progenitors willingly died to preserve the liberties that we sheepishly relinquish today. In our Brave New World pediatricians must abandon the Hippocratic Oath and evidence-based medicine to keep their medical practices. CDC mandates 72 doses of shoddily tested, zero liability vaccines for every child — even those already injured.

Big Pharma’s captive regulators revoke the licensed of doctors who buck CDC’s one-size-fits-all schedule. Data, Tech and Telecom Titans like Bill Gates are blanketing every square inch of our poor planet with deadly 5G radiation to track our movements and enforce obedience with government/industry diktats. This month, our nation’s capital passed a model law, written by Pharma, to coerce children, 11 years & up, to vaccinate without parental knowledge or consent. Parents won’t know what is wrong if their child suffers vaccine injury. Your rights to assemble, travel, practice religion to participate in society, get an education & exercise your constitutional and civil rights depends on blind obedience to Big Pharma’s profit agendas. Meanwhile, Big Pharma, & Big Data partner with Regulatory, Military and Intelligence officials to arbitrarily dictate your movements your apparel, your business practices with no due process or scientific rationale & to censor & distort all criticism & dissent about those policies. And as democracy and the constitutional circle the drain these tyrants are offering us salvation only by obedience with their $50 billion COVID vaccine project. 

At @ChildrensHealthDefense our relentless team is fighting to turn the tide. We are in daily hand to hand combat against Telecom & Medical Cartel Technocrats, Big Data & Big Finance Robber Barons in the courtrooms, on the streets, in social media and in The Defender. Please support us with a donation in any amount.

We will not retreat. We will fight to the death to give our children the good health, the civil liberties and the dignity they deserve. Thank you for standing with us at this crossroads for humanity.

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