US Navy appointed Zorach Glaser on the health dangers of wireless technology

Robert Kennedy Junior writes about the health dangers of wireless technology:

ARCHIVE of 4000 DOCUMENTS REVEALS US GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN LYING FOR DECADES ABOUT WIRELESS HEALTH DANGERS. Around 1964,the US Navy appointed Zorach Glaser, Ph.D. to investigate a wave of illnesses suffered by soldiers working in radar and telecommunications installations.

Glaser spent decades archiving studies linking wireless microwave and radio frequencies to adverse health outcomes His first report,published in 1971 ,contained 2,311 studies showing devastating harms. His 1976 report contained 3,700 studies. He continued to work on this issue within various US health agencies including NIOSH and the FDA. He deeded his archives-including mountains of reports, studies and correspondence-to Professor Magda Havas and her team who worked for a decade scanning the documents and making them searchable and accessible.

Glaser’s archive reveals decades of fraud by our government and military to hide clear evidence of deadly harms from wireless technology as Big Telecom commercialized cell phones. Despite thousands of new studies and reports of sickness-especially to children-our government and the Telecom Titans continue to lie. Most recently, in December 2019, the FCC refused to review its obsolete and fraudulent wireless “health” guidelines, claiming there is no evidence of harm. The Children’s Health Defense is currently challenging this decision in Federal Court.

Glaser considered the government deception about wireless to be “The Biggest Lie Ever Told”If you are interested in helping us review the archives in search of more “gems” showing the government’s ongoing fraud, contact Dr. Havas at


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