Tesla Model Schwab

Elon Musk and his crypto-role

I bet the price inflation in FIAT currencies that we see right now is happening due to decades of massive digital currency creation in central banks -> boosted by Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) in private banks. (US central bank in normal times creates 4-8% of all currency in circulation, FRB in normal times creates the rest).

The increase in price inflation has occurred across many sectors of the economy for a long time, but if it can be funneled into housing, stocks and bonds then everything is ok. But now it has begun to be funneled into markets of products and services that ordinary people buy and depend on like electricity, gas, heat, food, drink, clothes etc.

This should start to concern people, however, the true dove in the coal mine is the price of gold, silver and imo. cryptos. If they suddenly start to rise massively in price in a certain currency, that tells the entire market globally, that something is very wrong with the economic factors behind that particular currency (e.g. US$).

So the prices of precious metals and cryptos have to be contained. So far the futures contracts for precious metals have put a lid on prices – however we begin to see higher and higher premiums above spot price – when you want to by real precious metal.

But how do you put a lid on crypto prices and how do you scare people from buying cryptos?

The elite do not want you to preserve your purchasing power, they do not want you to buy gold, silver nor cryptos. No, according to the elite “You will owe nothing, and you will love it”.

  • You make Elon Musk buy a lot of Bitcoin
  • You make Elon Musk be positive towards a crypto with no great concept like Doge.
  • You make Tesla accept Bitcoin for payment of their cars
    … shortly after
  • You make Elon Musk say strange things about Doge coin in an interview
  • You make Elon Musk make Tesla not accept Bitcoin anyway
  • You make Elon Musk talk bad about Bitcoin in the name of man made global warming (I mean climate change).
  • You make Elon Musk not talk much about him keeping his Bitcoin

The S in Tesla Model S, is that and abbreviation for Model Schwab ?





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