Alternative media

Stop letting yourself getting programmed every single day watching the propaganda from Main Stream Media like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC in USA, BBC in UK, DR and TV2 in Denmark etc. They control your narrative, they do that in two ways.
1. They do no tell the truth, but tell you lies/propaganda
2. They ignore reporting important information to you

First step: Switch off your TV and cancel your cable TV (and save currency).

Get the truth from alternative media (citizen journalists/researchers) that have proven in many years to be sources with solid sources. We aim to link to their alternative platforms. I.e. Not Twitter, Not Facebook, Not Instagram, Not YouTube.

SGT Report

SGT Report:
Run by a guy in USA named Sean. A mix of interviews and short reports.

X22 Report

X22 Report:
Run by a guy in USA named Dave. Mostly long reports and sometime also interviews.

Mark Dice

Mark Dice:
Political analyst and author of several books. Rare interviews, mostly short videos reporting on current events where he both report and make fun of the lunatic left and the political correctness.

USA Watchdog - Greg Hunter

USA Watchdog:
Run by Greg Hunter, a former MSM journalist worked for e.g. CNN and ABC. Left MSM and start on his own. He interviews a lot of interesting people and almost every Friday he produces a wrap up about what has been going on the former week.

FreeDomainRadio - Stefan Molyneux

Founded and run by the Canadian philosopher Stefan Molyneux. He produces videos with documentaries, call-in-shows and interviews. He is also an author of several books. Read much more about Stefan Molyneux here.

Salty Cracker

The Salty Cracker:
A guy in the USA preserving important news clips, doing videos about relevant topics (often max 10 minutes) and doing live streams (approx 2 hours). He is doing this but backed up by his wife (Salt Queen). The Saly Cracker both gives you relevant information and wraps it in his huge energy and great humor – that gives you hope and gets you motivated – to become a digital solider and part of the Saalty Army – fighting for liberty.

Styxhexenhammer666 is An American who currently lives in the Netherlands. He posts videos across many different alt-tech video platforms where he covers many relevant topics – among others related to the current political and cultural situation – especially in the USA. Here is a list of some of the recent topics he has covered:

  • Biden Insanely Decides to Seek Federal Tax Hikes During an Economic Slump
  • Some Reflections on Dutch Politics by an American in Amsterdam
  • Migrant Facilities Overwhelmed as Bidens Immigration “Plans” Backfire
  • We Must Never Forgive Politicians Whose Lockdowns Have So Badly Damaged Our Youth
  • Totalitarians Want to Keep National Guard in Washington DC Indefinitely

Styxhexenhammer666 is on the following platforms:

Vincent James (The Red Elephants):
Vincent James is an American who typically covers topics related to the current political and cultural situation in the USA. You can find him here:

Mike Adams - Health Ranger

Mike Adams – Health Ranger:
Mike Adams appears on many other alt-media shows as well as hosting his own Health Ranger show. Mike Adams has great sources and great knowledge about the following topic:

  • How to become more healthy and boosting your immune system by eating healthy and taking healthy vitamins, minerals and other supplements. He also has great insight into Sars-Cov-2 / Covid-19 and the potential risks people take if they choose to get an experimental mRNA treatment against this virus (these are NOT traditional vaccines).
  • He knows about knows about the elites’ plans for NWO, he knows about economics and about global politics.
  • Mike Adams was one of the very first people to be banned online on major search engines platforms, video platforms (like YouTube) and social media (like Twitter and Facebook) – which – in my opinion – is a massive signal about Mike Adams being a great source of truth and facts.
  • Please read Mike Adams entire profile and history here

You can find Mike Adams on digital platforms he built himself:

Dave Janda – Operation Freedom

David H. Janda, M.D has practiced orthopedic surgery for 27 years, he is a public policy expert e.g. on how to prevent getting injured or prevent getting sick. He is also a talk show host on the radio as well as online.

When I listen to Dave Janda it is both on his own show Operation Freedom – as well as when he is interviewed on other great alternative media channels. The topics I especially like to hear Dave Janda cover are about the Deep State – backed by his many sources. In addition topics concerning Covid-19 due to his background as M.D. and as a public policy expert.

G. Edward Griffin er is an author of many books, he has also produced documentary films and he is the Founder of the network Freedom Force International.

One of the topics he has worked with in depth and that has my special interest is monopolized debt based monetary systems like The Federal Reserve (i.e. USA’s Central Bank) and Fractional Reserve Banking (private commercial bank loan process). He has covered these topics in his book titled: “The Creature from Jekyll Island“.

Freedom Force International‘ is a network of men and women (sorry, but there are ONLY two genders) from all around the globe who have concerns about the massive loss of our liberties and the increase in government power.

Please read more about G. Edward Griffin here