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Here you can find memes that goes against the narrative you read/hear in the main stream media (MSM). Because MSM uses propaganda in order to control the narrative. I.e. what they want you to be focusing on and what they do NOT want you to focus on and never research any further.


  • is Sars-Cov-2 a natural virus or man made in a bio lab in Wuhan in China?
  • how dangerous is Covid-19?
  • does face mask or visor protect you against Covid-19?
  • mRNA is not a traditional vaccine. mRna against Covid-19 is a new experimental genetic modifying never before use on human being.
  • consequences of Corona lock downs
  • Debt based monetary systems and Austrian Economics
  • Election fraud in USA 2020 elections
  • “New World Order” communism agendas aka “The Great Reset” via World Economic Forum, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg (meetings), Black Lives Matter and Antifa (protest, looting, destruction, arson and violence).
  • Lists of alternative news sources.
  • Main Stream Media (MSM) propaganda.
  • 911
  • The Great Awakening.
Covid-1984 Mona Lisa

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