Memes #2

Never forget Pennsylvania sent out 1.8 mio ballots and got 2.5 mio back
Whan I am called a racist, I just won an argument with a Libtard
Americans in 2020 facing 99.98% survival rate over Covid-19
Jesus, this is an illegal gathering
Romantic ideas for 2021
Dr. Flip Flop Fauci
The 3 branches of governments
Immune systems are conspiracy theories
Not affected by Covid-19.
Do not owe a TV.
A digital ID is required
We are at war (right now a digital war)
Humans are divided by wise people and fools
NWO versus most Americans (people world wide) right now
Welcome to my page - look around - and learn something new.
Dear System, we are coming for you...
Epstein did not kill himself, but the national baseball league is
Apartheit... I mean Avaxxedheit
Six facts about the three known vaccines (actually seven - they are not vaccines, but mRNA treatments)
Why do people refuse to do research... ?
People taking a mRNA treatment is part of an experiment.
Just do what you are told - do not be selfish
Problem, Reaction, Solution.
Coal powered electric cars.
Ex Pfizer vice president - Mass Scale Depopulation.

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